My name is Cristian, and...

> I am currently a full-time Software Engineer at Northrop Grumman (Mission Systems) 🚀

> I work at Space Park in sunny Redondo Beach, California 🌇

> I completed my Bachelor's of Science degree in Computing Science at the University of California, Santa Cruz 🎓

> I have previously interned at Northrop Grumman (Mission Systems) 🤖

In my free time, I like to...

> build things 💻

> valuate companies 📈

> work-out 🏋

> YouTube 🎥

> Instagram 📺

> volunteer ☮

I am currently interested in...

> open-source and pro-bono opportunities 📂

> remote and small freelance opportunities ✈

Open Source Contributions


SwiftySuncalc is a direct Swift port of the original suncalc.js microlibrary, as created by Vladimir Agafonkin (@mourner). Per the original suncalc project README,

SunCalc is a tiny BSD-licensed JavaScript library for calculating sun position, sunlight phases (times for sunrise, sunset, dusk, etc.), moon position and lunar phase for the given location and time, created by Vladimir Agafonkin (@mourner) as a part of the project. Most calculations are based on the formulas given in the excellent Astronomy Answers articles about position of the sun and the planets. You can read about different twilight phases calculated by SunCalc in the Twilight article on Wikipedia.